Ridiculously Expensive Christmas Vacations

For those of you with a huge surplus of spending cash and the desire to experience Christmas in a way that 98 percent of the planet can never even dream of, check out these ultra expensive and unique Christmas destinations:

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1) The North Pole – Travel from Russia to the North Pole with Quark ExpeditionsAccording to Reader’s Digest, “The tour includes a lap pool, stops along the way for a hot-air balloon ride high above the snow, and a helicopter ride over the frozen expanse of the Arctic Ocean.”

Image courtesy of: Iceland Aurora Photo Tours

2) Reykjavík – When money is truly no object, why not stay in the most expensive Christmas destination in the world. According to grapevine.is, ” …a single hotel room for Christmas Eve costs on average just over 36,000 ISK.”

3)Lapland – Apparently, according to the Daily Mail,  a high end travel company is offering a 9 day tour for $125,000. Included: “Highlights of the trip include travel by a luxury private jet, a husky sled ride, overnight stays in a treetop hotel and a hotel made of ice, along with a chance to see the Northern Lights.” Get in fast though, because apparently it is only being offered to one family.

4) Omni La Costa Resort & Spa – (a bargain for $30,000) According to Luxury Travel Magazine, “Available exclusively for stays from December 23-27, 2016, guests who book this package will spend their evenings in the luxuriously and recently renovated 3,011 square foot Presidential Suite, gathered around the fireplace and a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Indulge in a nightly gourmet cookies and hot cocoa turndown service with unlimited access to family holiday movies.”

5) Oetker Resort – According to Lightfoottravel.com, “The five-star resort Oetker has created possibly the world’s most glamorous family holiday yet. This no-expense spared eight-day trip will whisk you from snowy mountains of Courchevel to the twinkling lights of Paris for just SGD$676,885.”  Everything from ski instruction to vintage cars to an actual ball, is included.

Northern lights in Santa Claus' hometown Rovaniemi in Lapland Finland - aurora borealis for kids

Santatelevision video for kids: Northern lights / aurora borelis in Santa Claus' hometown Rovaniemi in Lapland, Finland. Incredible sky of the city of Father Christmas in Finnish Lapland. Discover with children northern lights in Santa Claus Village at the Arctic Circle. More aurora borealis videos in: http://www.santatelevision.com/northern-lights/

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