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FarmHouse Fresh FarmHouse Fresh Honey Heel Glaze Review

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Are dry cracked feet getting you down this winter? We have a simple solution that works fast. A few weeks ago my mother gave me a beauty basket and in it was a brand that I had never heard of – Farmhouse Fresh or FHF. They have a honey glaze that you put on your feet to soften them.

For a few weeks, the glaze sat in the basket and then one day I realized that the winter weather had left my feet in need of some major TLC. So I popped open the box to find a tiny brush and a jar with some silky liquid that smelled heavenly.

I washed my feet and then brushed on the glaze and immediately my skin felt softer. I then popped on some socks and went to bed. The next morning my feet were a hundred times better. I continued to use it for the rest of the week and my feet felt smooth and soft and fantastic.

This is now part of my night time ritual and one of my absolute favorite low cost beauty treatments.

Try it for yourself

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